Millennium Pipeline Company, L. L. C.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/22/2008, Docket: CP98-150-011, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 94 Original Sheet No. 94





(2) Acknowledgment. Upon proper receipt of any Document, the

receiving party shall promptly and properly transmit electronically a

functional acknowledgement of receipt, unless otherwise specified in the

Transaction List. A functional acknowledgement shall constitute

conclusive evidence a Document has been properly received.


(3) Acceptance. If acceptance of a Document is required by the

Transaction List, the proper receipt of any such Document shall not give

rise to any obligation unless and until the party initially transmitting

such Document has properly received in return an Acceptance Document (as

specified in the Transaction List).


(h) Pro Forma Service Agreement. When a party affixes its Signature

to a Contract and transmits the Contract to Transporter in accordance with

Section 5.7(g) above, it shall be bound, as applicable, by (i) the terms and

conditions of the applicable pro forma Service Agreement or Assignment

Agreement contained in this Tariff corresponding to the Rate Schedule under

which that party is seeking service, or (ii) the terms and conditions of any

generally available, nonjurisdictional agreement or contract that is a

Document. The date of Transporter's acceptance of an executed and properly

transmitted Contract under Section 5.7(g) shall be deemed to be the date of

execution for purposes of the Contract and that execution date shall apply

to any subsequently issued paper copy of the Contract that Transporter

tenders to Shipper. The effective date and term of the Contract shall be

determined in accordance with the provisions of this Section 5.7(h) and

Section 5.2 of the General Terms and Conditions, but Transporter shall not be

obligated to provide service to Subscriber prior to the date of acceptance.


(i) Replacement With Paper Copies of Service Agreements. (1)

Transporter may terminate a Contract entered into electronically, and

providing for firm service with a term of one year or more, 30 days after the

date of execution, as determined in accordance with Section 5.7(h), unless

Shipper executes in original handwriting a paper copy of that Service

Agreement and returns it to Transporter prior to the expiration of such 30-

day period. Transporter shall send the Service Agreement to Shipper through

the EBB in sufficient time to enable Shipper to print, execute, and return a

paper copy of that Service Agreement prior to the 30-day termination date.