Millennium Pipeline Company, L. L. C.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2009, Docket: RP10-17-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 27 First Revised Sheet No. 27

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 27






and (2) the Shipper's redelivery of the loaned quantities of gas to

Transporter at the time and at the Receipt Point(s) agreed to by

Transporter and Shipper in the PALS Transaction; provided, however,

Transporter is not obligated to accept return of loaned gas on the same

day and at the same point the gas is loaned.


(iii) Shipper must make any necessary arrangements with

Transporter and third parties to receive or deliver gas quantities at

the designated points of service for parking or lending service.

Transportation service is not provided under this Rate Schedule. If

Shipper and Transporter agree that Shipper may receive parked quantities

or redeliver loaned quantities at point(s) other than the point(s)

identified in the PALS Transaction, then Shipper must accomplish such

transactions pursuant to nominations under separate transportation

agreement(s) with Transporter to effectuate receipt or delivery of the

gas from or to the other point(s).


(b) Services provided under this Rate Schedule are interruptible and

available only to the extent capacity is available from time to time.

Service provided under this Rate Schedule (i) has the priority specified in

Section 7 (Capacity Allocation) of the General Terms and Conditions, (ii) is

subject to interruption to the extent provided in this Rate Schedule or

Section 16 (Interruptions of Service) of the General Terms and Conditions,

and (iii) is subject to Operational Flow Orders to the extent provided in

this Rate Schedule and in Section 17 (Operational Flow Orders) of the General

Terms and Conditions.


(c) Service rendered under this Rate Schedule may be provided for a

minimum of a one (1) day term and a maximum term as established by the mutual

agreement of Transporter and Shipper. Each parking service or lending

service arrangement must be rendered pursuant to a separate PALS Transaction,

which is subject to the Master PALS Service Agreement between Transporter and



(d) The points on Transporter's system at which Transporter and

Shipper may agree to provide service under this Rate Schedule will be

maintained on a MLI posted by Transporter on its EBB. The points on the MLI

may be incorporated by reference in Shipper's PALS Transaction.