Millennium Pipeline Company, L. L. C.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 07/01/2009, Docket: RP09-633-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 16G Original Sheet No. 16G


Rate Schedule HT-1

Hourly Transportation Service (Continued)


provisions of Section 3 (Requests for Service) of the General Terms and

Conditions, utilizing the Request for Segmentation form contained in

Transporter's Tariff.


(i) Service rights under an HT-1 Service Agreement may be released and

assigned in accordance with Section 14 (Release and Assignment of Service

Rights) of the General Terms and Conditions. Any such released HT-1 capacity

shall be treated as if it is capacity released under Transporter's FT-1 Rate

Schedule, and the HT-1 service rights assigned will reflect even hourly flow

rates of 1/24 at both receipt and delivery points, unless (i) otherwise agreed

to by Transporter, or (ii) the release has the same primary delivery and

receipt points as the releasing Shipper's HT-1 Service Agreement. To the

extent that subparagraphs (i) or (ii) of this subsection apply to a release of

less than the full amount of Transportation Demand under an HT-1 Service

Agreement, the MHDQ and/or MHRQ set forth in the Releasor's Service Agreement

shall apply to the Transportation Demand in the Replacement Shipper's Service

Agreement. Service to a replacement shipper under any such release and

assignment shall be subject to the provisions set forth in this Rate Schedule

and in the applicable General Terms and Conditions.


(j) Shipper shall have flexible secondary receipt and delivery point

authority for service under this Rate Schedule, as set forth in Section 11 of

the General Terms and Conditions, provided, however, that transportation

service under this Rate Schedule at a secondary receipt and/or at a secondary

delivery point(s) shall be treated as though it is Rate Schedule FT-1

transportation service and will be scheduled at a uniform hourly flow rate

without regard to Shipper's MHRQ and/or MHDQ.


(k) The interconnections at which service on a secondary basis will be

made available under this Rate Schedule will be maintained on a Master List of

Interconnects (MLI) posted by Transporter on its Electronic Bulletin Board

(EBB). The interconnection points on the MLI shall be incorporated by

reference in Shipper's HT-1 Service Agreement.


(l) Upon the prior request of Shipper, made separately from a request

for service under this Rate Schedule HT-1 within Shipper's firm Transportation

Demand, subject to confirmation by upstream and downstream point operators and

the advance agreement of Transporter's dispatchers, which agreement shall not

be unreasonably withheld, and for the purpose of balancing any imbalances in

Shipper's account, Shipper may deliver or take quantities in excess of the

above limitations.


3. Rates and Charges


(a) The charges to be paid by Shipper, as set forth in paragraph (b)

below, shall be no higher than the applicable total effective maximum charges

and no lower that the applicable total effective minimum charges set forth in