Gulfstream Natural Gas System, L.L.C.

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Effective Date: 05/21/2002, Docket: CP00- 6-004, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 331 Original Sheet No. 331 : Effective




(For 1LineSM Service)


2. Agents. Transporter agrees that it will recognize the appointment

of an agent by Shipper to access and perform functions on 1LineSM on Shipper's

behalf ("Agent"). However, Transporter shall only recognize such appointment

when all the following conditions have been met: Shipper and Agent complete

and provide to Transporter an Agency Appointment Form (form to be furnished by

Transporter); Agent completes and provides to Transporter the 1LineSM Access

Request Form specifying Agent's Security Administrator; and Agent enters into

a 1LineSM Agreement with Transporter. Thereafter, Agent will be considered for

purposes of this Agreement as a Shipper and will be treated as a Shipper as

described herein. Shipper may cancel the appointment of an Agent and name a

successor Agent via 1LineSM or the notice provisions hereof. Shipper represents

and acknowledges that any Agent it appoints has legal authority to act on

behalf of Shipper in performing any functions listed on the 1LineSM menu for

which the Agent is authorized, and that Transporter is fully entitled to rely

upon, and is fully protected in relying upon and acting in accordance with,

such representation and acknowledgment.


3. Electronic Execution of Agreements. Shipper shall be bound by any

agreement executed by it using the electronic execution procedures of 1LineSM.

The electronic execution by Shipper shall constitute Shipper's signature to

and approval of the subject agreement, provided that an agreement

electronically executed by Shipper shall not be deemed to have been properly

received by Transporter until accessible to Transporter through 1LineSM. Any

such agreement which has been received shall not give rise to any obligation

until Transporter has provided in return its notice of acceptance of the

agreement. Transporter's notice of acceptance of the agreement shall

constitute Transporter's signature to and approval of same. The parties agree

that by executing this Agreement, Shipper's use of the electronic execution

feature of 1LineSM to execute an agreement, together with Transporter's notice

of acceptance thereof, will constitute an executed written agreement between

the parties in satisfaction of any applicable "statute of frauds."


4. Security. Transporter and Shipper agree that security is a

priority. Transporter, therefore, reserves the right to terminate any Shipper

UserID which has been inactive for more than ninety (90) calendar days.

Transporter further reserves the right to invalidate Shipper's UserIDs if

Shipper breaches any term of this Agreement and such breach threatens the

viable operation of 1LineSM, or if Transporter terminates this Agreement as

provided herein. Such invalidation shall only be implemented following ten

(10) Days prior notice by Transporter to Shipper of such intended action and

the reason therefor to provide Shipper a reasonable time to reform or correct

conduct which has resulted in a breach of this Agreement; however, if the

conduct results in a serious breach which may immediately jeopardize the

security, confidentiality, or viable operation of 1LineSM, Transporter reserves

the right to immediately invalidate Shipper's UserIDs.