Kentucky West Virginia Gas Company

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/01/1999, Docket: RP99-149-001, Status: Effective

Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 162A Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 162A : Superseded

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 162A



from released capacity, as a percent of the Customer's total firm

contract entitlements. Load factor determinations will remain in

effect for the ensuing calendar year. Kentucky West will

determine new customer's load factors and assess the surcharge

for each month based on actual throughput for each prior month of

service until a 12-month history is established.


28.3 Filing Procedure


The Gas Research Institute Funding Charge Adjustment Provision

may be placed into effect upon not less than 30 days notice

unless, for good cause shown, a lesser notice period is allowed

by valid FERC order. Any such filing shall not become effective

unless it becomes effective without suspension or refund



28.4 Voluntary Contribution Mechanism. In accordance with the

January 21, 1998, Stipulation and Agreement Concerning GRI

Funding approved by the Commission on April 29, 1998 in

Docket No. RP97-149, et al., 83 FERC Par. 61,093 (1998),

the Pipeline has agreed to be a voluntary collection agent for

Customers who wish to voluntarily contribute additional amounts

to GRI programs by checking the appropriate box on their

monthly invoices. The Pipeline will include in invoices to

Customers a voluntary contribution mechanism allowing Customers

to make a voluntary contribution to GRI. Customers may, but

are not required to, make such voluntary contributions. The

Customer will specify the amount of the contribution if any,

and the project(s) or project area(s)to be funded. The amounts

collected through the voluntary contribution mechanism are not

part of the Pipeline's rates, rate provisions, or term or

condition of service and the Commission will not review or

approve any amounts submitted by the Customers. Any amounts

remitted to the Pipeline pursuant to the voluntary contribution

mechanism shall be forwarded to GRI by the Pipeline and are not

refundable by the Pipeline.


28.5 Remittance to GRI


Pipeline shall remit to GRI, not later than thirty (30) days

after the receipt thereof, all monies received from the GRI

Funding Charge Adjustment and the voluntary contribution

mechanism,, less any amounts properly payable to

a federal, state, or local authority relating to the monies

received hereunder. In addition, for the amounts received through

the voluntary contribution mechanism, the Pipline shall indicate

to GRI the amounts applicable to specific projects and project

areas, if so indicated by Customers.