Kentucky West Virginia Gas Company

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 07/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 18-004, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 105 Original Sheet No. 105 : Superseded




(i) Oxygen - The oxygen content shall not exceed one percent

(1.0%) by volume and every reasonable effort shall be made

to keep the gas delivered free of oxygen.

ii) Liquids - The gas shall be free of water and

hydrocarbons in liquid form at the temperature and

pressure at which the gas is delivered. The gas shall

in no event contain water vapor in excess of seven (7)

pounds per million cubic feet.

(iii) Hydrogen Sulphide - The gas shall not contain more than

three-tenths (0.3) grain of hydrogen sulphide per one

hundred (100) cubic feet.

(iv) Total Sulphur - The gas shall not contain more than thirty

(30) grains of total sulphur per one hundred (100) cubic


(v) Carbon Dioxide - The gas shall not have a carbon dioxide

content in excess of three percent (3.0%) by volume.

(vi) Dust, Gums and Solid Matter - The gas shall be

commercially free of dust, gums and other solid matter.

Pipeline may accept natural gas which differs from the quality

specifications set forth above until such time as Pipeline, in its

reasonable discretion and judgment, determines that natural gas

received for gathering or transportation must conform to the

quality specifications set forth above to maintain desired

standards in and/or prudent operation of Pipeline's system. Upon

such a determination, Pipeline will notify Customer that all

prospective deliveries must comply with the quality specifications

set forth above or the provisions of paragraph 3.4 below shall be

applicable to all natural gas tendered for transportation which

does not so comply.

3.4 If, at any time, gas tendered by Customer for gathering or

transportation or by Pipeline after gathering or transportation

shall fail to substantially conform to any of the applicable

quality specifications and Pipeline notifies the delivering party

of such deficiency and the delivering party fails to remedy any

such deficiency within a reasonable period of time, Pipeline may,

at its option, refuse to accept delivery pending correction of the

deficiency by the delivering party. In the alternative Pipeline

may continue to accept delivery and make such changes necessary to

cause the gas to conform to such specifications, in which event

the delivering party shall reimburse Pipeline for all reasonable

expenses incurred by Pipeline in effecting such changes. Failure

by either Pipeline or Customer to tender deliveries that conform

to any of the applicable quality specifications shall not be

construed to eliminate, or limit in any manner, the rights and

obligations existing under any other provisions of the executed

Service Agreement and shall not limit Pipeline's right to refuse

to accept deliveries from any Customer that fails to conform to

applicable quality specifications at any time.