Kentucky West Virginia Gas Company

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 07/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 18-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 61 Original Sheet No. 61 : Superseded







32.1 General Application

All terms and conditions contained in this tariff shall

be applied in a uniform and non-discriminatory manner without

regard to the affiliation of any entity to Pipeline.

Furthermore, no preference is afforded to any affiliate of

Pipeline for transportation services which Pipeline provides.


32.2 Shared Facilities and Employees

Pipeline will share with an affiliated interstate pipeline,

Equitrans, Inc., in the cost of establishing a pipeline

marketing division. Employees of that marketing division will

be acting as agents for Pipeline's marketing function. These

agents will be organized into a separate operational unit whose

access to other operational units of the Pipeline shall be

restricted to the extent necessary to prohibit preferential

treatment. Employees assigned to the pipeline marketing unit

shall work exclusively for that unit, and no employees will be

shared between the pipeline marketing unit and the other operating

units of Pipeline. The pipeline marketing division will be self-

supporting. No subsidy from Pipeline's regulated services will be

provided to the marketing division. Other than telephone,

photocopying, facsimile, and computer equipment, no facilities

will be shared between the pipeline marketing unit and the other

operating units of Pipeline. Computer equipment will be password

protected to ensure operational separation and restricted access

to confidential information.



Any Customer or potential Customer that has requested transportation or

gathering service pursuant to Section 11 of Pipeline's General Terms and

Conditions and has not been granted such service or is dissatisfied with

such service shall notify Pipeline's General Counsel, 3500 Park Lane,

Pittsburgh, PA 15275, in writing, of any complaint it has concerning

the denial, or performance, of such service. The complaint may be made

orally or in writing, and Pipeline shall respond initially to the

complaint within 48 hours by telephone. Within five (5) business days

of receiving such complaint, Pipeline shall provide a written response

to the Customer or potential Customer explaining the basis for the

action complained of and detailing what additional steps, if any, will

be taken by Pipeline concerning the complaint. If the response is not

satisfactory to the Customer, or potential Customer, Pipeline shall,

upon request, arrange for an informal meeting of representatives of the

two companies to attempt to resolve any outstanding differences.