Kentucky West Virginia Gas Company

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 07/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 18-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 49 Original Sheet No. 49 : Superseded




25.5 Notice of Pre-arranged Release


If the releasing customer has a pre-arranged replacement customer

for the released capacity, it must include in the notice required

in Section 25.4 the existence of a pre-arranged replacement

customer, the terms of the pre-arranged deal and whether the pre-

arranged replacement customer is an affiliate of the releasing

customer. If the pre-arranged release is for a term of less than

30 days, the information required under Section 25.4 (vii)- (x)

may be omitted.


25.6 Offers to Purchase Capacity


Any party interested in acquiring capacity through Pipeline's

capacity release program may provide Pipeline with an offer to

purchase capacity. Pipeline will post any such offer on its

electronic bulletin board for the period requested by the offering

party. Pipeline may recover a fee for such services as prescribed

in Section 30.4 of this Tariff.


25.7 Bidding Process


(a) Pipeline will post the release information on its electronic

bulletin board no later than the start of the next business

day after its receipt of the notice. The bidding period

shall commence on the day that the notice of released

capacity is posted. In addition to the information provided

by the releasing customer, the posting will specify the

deadline for submitting bids on the capacity and any other

information relevant to the submission of bids. Such

posting will continue for the duration of the bidding

period specified in the notice. No prior posting or bidding

shall be required for pre-arranged releases of capacity at

the applicable maximum rate or for pre-arranged releases

which are for a term of less than one calendar month;

provided that Pipeline will post a notice of such

transactions within 48 hours of the effective date of



(b) Bidding Period


The length of the bidding period for released capacity shall

be as specified in the notice provided to Pipeline by

the releasing customer, but shall not be less than

one (1) business day. All bids must be submitted

during the bidding period through the use of Pipeline's

electronic bulletin board. Bids which are submitted

in some different form or after the bidding period