Jupiter Energy Corporation

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/23/1986, Docket: RP86- 80-000, Status: Suspended

Original Sheet No. 3 Original Sheet No. 3 : Suspended






Jupiter Energy Corporation ("Jupiter Energy") performs

transportation services for Union Oil Company of California,

Kerr-McGee Corporation, and Phillips Petroleum Company pursuant

to the rate schedules included in this tariff, certificates of

convenience and necessity granted by the Federal Energy Regula-

tory Commission and its predecessor agency in function, the

Federal Power Commission ("Commission", as applicable), orders

issued by the Commission, and contracts on file with the Com-



Jupiter Energy is the successor to The Jupiter Corpora-

tion. In The Jupiter Corporation, 53 FPC 1082 (1975); The

Jupiter Corporation, 35 FPC 1091 (1966); and Jupiter Energy

Corporation, 19 FERC 61,051 (1982), the Commission provided

for rates for transportation service to be performed by Jupiter

Energy to the aforesaid transportation customers. The rates

provided for in such dockets were superseded by Jupiter Ener-

gy's Original Vol. No. 1 of this tariff.





See 35 FPC at page 1105 for maps of Jupiter Energy's pipeline