Centra Pipelines Minnesota Inc.

Second Revised Volume No. 2

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Effective Date: 10/16/1991, Docket: RP91-136-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 6 Original Sheet No. 6 : Effective


volumes shall be identified as Authorized Overrun Service and


shall be transported on a fully interruptible basis.



2.3 Service under this Rate Schedule shall consist of firm


transportation of natural gas from the Shipper's receipt point(s) as


specified in Shipper's Transportation Service Agreement through


Centra's pipeline facilities in the State of Minnesota to Shipper's


delivery point(s). Receipt shall take place at the international


border at Centra's interconnection with Centra Transmission


Holdings Inc.



3. Rate




3.1 The rate for the firm transportation service shall be that stated in


the currently effective Sheet No. 4 of this tariff, as revised from


time to time.



3.2 The rate for transportation service under this Rate Schedule each


month shall consist of a demand charge per month of Shipper's


daily Contract Quantity, multiplied by Centra's filed demand rate.