Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P.


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Effective Date: 06/01/1997, Docket: RP97-161-002, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 112 First Revised Sheet No. 112 : Effective

Superseding: ORIGINAL SHEET NO. 112


(c) Posting of Existing Shipper's Notice of

Election. Within two (2) days of receiving a Notice of

Election, Transporter will post on its Electronic Bulletin

Board the following information regarding the capacity

subject to the Notice of Election:


(i) the capacity available under the

terminating Gas Transportation Contract, stated in Dth/d;


(ii) the Receipt and Delivery Point(s)

at which capacity is available and the firm capacity

available at those point(s);


(iii) the date the capacity will be

available upon termination of the Gas Transportation



(iv) the maximum rate applicable to each

Receipt and Delivery Point for transportation service under

the terminating Gas Transportation Contract; and


(v) any other terms that may be



(d) Open Season. Immediately upon posting

the information relevant to an Existing Shipper's Notice of

Election, Transporter will hold an open season for a period

of not less than five (5) days. During the open season,

Offering Shipper(s) may submit a Bid Notification to

Transporter in writing or via Transporter's Electronic

Bulletin Board.


(e) Posting of Offering Shipper's Bid

Notification. To constitute a valid bid, the Offering

Shipper must either currently pre-qualify for

creditworthiness under Section 3 of these General Terms and

Conditions or satisfy the provisions of Transporter's FERC

Gas Tariff applicable to requests for firm gas

transportation service and credit evaluations set forth in

Section 3 of these General Terms and Conditions. Within one

(1) Business Day of Transporter's receipt of a Bid

Notification, Transporter will evaluate the Bid Notification

to determine whether it satisfies the terms of this

Section 29 and will notify the Offering Shipper of any

deficiencies. If no deficiencies exist, Transporter will