Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P.


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Effective Date: 03/09/2006, Docket: RP06-216-001, Status: Effective

Sub Fourth Revised Sheet No. 66A Sub Fourth Revised Sheet No. 66A : Effective

Superseding: Fourth Sheet No.66A





7.1 Receipt Points. Transporter shall make available to

each Shipper one or more Primary Receipt Points, the exact

number and location to be determined by mutual agreement

between Transporter and Shipper. The Primary Receipt Point(s)

at which Transporter will accept gas from Shipper or for

Shipper's account shall be those set forth on Schedule 1

appended to the Gas Transportation Contract(s) between

Transporter and Shipper, or other mutually agreeable points.

Such Schedule 1 shall also set forth the Maximum Input Quantity

and minimum receipt pressures applicable to each such Primary

Receipt Point. Subject to the availability of capacity, all

other receipt points within the same Zone/Lateral or any other

Zone shall be available as Alternate Receipt Point(s) for

Shippers receiving service pursuant to Gas Transportation

Contracts for Firm Reserved Service under Part 284 of the

Commissions Regulation up to the Shipper's Maximum Input

Quantity at its Primary Receipt Point(s), except as otherwise

provided in Section 28.20 with respect to segmented capacity



7.1.1 Extended Receipts. Shipper may use receipt

points in a zone other than the zone of its Primary Receipt

Point. To the extent Shipper uses alternate Receipt Points

that are on Transporter's mainline (other than the

interconnection between the mainline and Lateral) and beyond

the path of a Lateral Service contract, such Shipper shall

be restricted to Extended Receipt point service only. In

order to use such extended receipt point, Shipper must

request such Extended Receipt by nominating the following

information in Iroquois' EBB with: (1) the point at which

Shipper desires to receive gasand (2) the requested quantity

to be received at that point.


7.2 Additions and Deletions of Primary Receipt Points.

Effective Schedule 1 appended to each Gas Transportation

Contract between Transporter and Shipper under Part 284 of the

Commission's Regulation may be revised from time-to-time in

order to reflect additions or deletions of Primary Receipt Points

or changes in the Maximum Input Quantities or minimum receipt

pressures applicable to such Primary Receipt Points. Additions

or deletions of Primary Receipt Points and/or changes in the

Maximum Input Quantities or receipt pressures applicable to

Primary Receipt Points hereunder shall be subject to the

provisions contained in Section 3 of the RTS rate schedule.

Transporter shall not be required to accept an amendment if

there is inadequate capacity available to render the new service

or if the change would reduce the reservation charges applicable

to the agreement. A Shipper requesting a change to its Primary

Receipt Point, which requires no additional mainline capacity,

shall not be required to participate in an Open Season.