Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P.


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Effective Date: 10/17/2006, Docket: RP06-177-004, Status: Effective

Fifth Revised Sheet No. 59A Fifth Revised Sheet No. 59A : Effective

Superseding: Fourth Revised Sheet No. 59A


Transporter's One Stop Operations Line; provided that the verbal

request is followed by a valid nomination within one hour,

subject to the nomination deadlines set forth in Section 4.1 of

the General Terms and Conditions; (ii) for faxed nominations,

the print time shown on the fax; and (iii) for electronic

nominations, the time the nomination is posted on Transporter's

Electronic Bulletin Board. All conversations on Transporter's

One Stop Operations Line will be recorded to document the time

of the request.


Where multiple nominations have the same scheduling

priority as determined by this Section 4.2, Transporter shall

allocate capacity by the ranking provided by Shipper in

accordance with Section 4.1.



4.3 Scheduling. By the time set forth in Section 4.8,

Transporter shall advise Shipper of the scheduled quantities for

the applicable day through either: (1) Transporter's Electronic

Bulletin Board or (2) via EDI. In the event that Transporter

determines in accordance with Section 4.2 above that it is

unable to accept all or any part of any Shipper's nomination,

Transporter shall advise Shipper of the level of service, if

any, that Transporter is prepared to make available at each

Receipt and Delivery Point or Parking and Loan Point under each

Gas Transportation Contract, Hub Service and/or Park and Loan

Service Contract with said Shipper. Forthwith after receiving

such advice from Transporter, Shipper may provide an Intra-day

nomination to Transporter which shall be no greater than the

service available for each Receipt and Delivery Point or Parking

and Loan Point. The least of Shipper's original nomination,

Transporter's response to that nomination, and Shipper's

Intra-day nomination for each Receipt and Delivery Point shall

be deemed to be (1)the Scheduled Input Quantity and Scheduled

Equivalent Quantity, respectively, for such Receipt and Delivery

Point, or (2) the Injected Quantity or Withdrawal Quantity for

such Parking Point or Loan Point. Shipper shall arrange for the

Scheduled Input Quantity to be delivered to Transporter at each

Receipt Point on such day.