Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P.


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Effective Date: 10/17/2006, Docket: RP06-177-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 39J Original Sheet No. 39J : Effective





8.2 Crediting of Cash-out Penalty. In the event

that Transporter assesses and/or collects from any Shipper

a cash-out penalty, in accordance with this Section 8 or 6

or 7 above, such revenues shall be credited to the bills of

all Rate Schedule HUB Shippers, except the Shipper

responsible for the penalty. Rate Schedule HUB Shippers

entitled to credits under this Section 8 or 6 or 7 above

shall receive such credits to their Rate Schedule HUB bills

in February (for the January invoice month)of the year

following the year in which Transporter collects the

associated cash-out penalty. The Shipper responsible for

the penalty will be precluded from sharing in penalty

revenues only for the month in which the offense occurred.





Shipper shall provide Transporter with such

information as is needed to meet the requirements placed on

Transporter pursuant to 18 C.F.R. Part 284. Unless stated

otherwise, all of the General Terms and Conditions of

Transporter's currently effective FERC Gas Tariff, and any

revisions thereof that may be proposed and made effective

from time to time hereafter, shall apply to and are made a

part of this Rate Schedule.