Granite State Gas Transmission, Inc.

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/01/2010, Docket: RP10-322-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 137 Original Sheet No. 137







29.1 Due to the effects of changes in weather, gas demands,

flowing gas supplies and/or other factors, it may be necessary for

Transporter to informally, via telephone or facsimile, request

adjustments in the portfolio of flowing gas supplies of a

Shipper(s)/Operator(s) to accommodate the demands on Transporter's

system. If Transporter does not receive full cooperation from its

informal request(s), it may be necessary for Transporter to issue

Operational Flow Orders (OFO) on a non-discriminatory basis to

control the situation(s). Transporter will make every reasonable

effort to minimize the issuance and the effect of OFOs on its

system and customers. All OFOs will be posted on Transporter's

IWS to be followed by a facsimile or written notice to affected

Shipper(s)/Operator(s) that will set forth the causes or

conditions necessitating the OFO and the specific responses

required from the affected parties. Once an OFO has been issued,

Transporter will post on its IWS available information regarding

the status of operational variables that determine the beginning

and end of the OFO. In addition, after the OFO has been lifted,

Transporter will post on its IWS information regarding the factors

that caused the OFO to be issued and then lifted. Electronic

Notice Delivery shall be according to the following provisions:


(1) Transporter should provide affected parties with

notification of intraday bumps, operational flow orders and other

critical notices through the affected party's choice of Electronic

Notice Delivery mechanism(s).


(2) Unless the affected party and Transporter have agreed

to exclusive notification via EDI/EDM, the affected party should

provide Transporter with at least one Internet E-mail address to

be used for Electronic Notice Delivery of intraday bumps,

operational flow orders and other critical notices. The

obligation of Transporter to provide notification is waived until

the above requirement has been met.


(3) Transporter should support the concurrent sending of

electronic notification of intraday bumps, operational flow orders

and other critical notices to two Internet E-mail addresses for

each affected party.


29.2 Circumstances under which Transporter may determine that

OFOs must be issued include, but are not limited to:


(a) Responding to an event of force majeure;


(b) Accommodating maintenance and repairs;


(c) Ensuring current and future maintenance of line pack;



(d) Responding to any event that Transporter believes in

its sole judgment may jeopardize the integrity of its system.