Granite State Gas Transmission, Inc.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/07/2020, Docket: RS93- 1-001, Status: Accepted

Original Sheet No. 248 Original Sheet No. 248 : Effective










21.1 Recovery (continued)


(b) Gas Supply Realignment Costs: (continued)


shall include a component to recover ten percent

(10%) of any GSR costs incurred or anticipated to

be incurred by Transporter and such revenues actu-

ally received and retained by Transporter (or

which it is entitled to retain) from Rate Schedule

IT-1 Shippers will be credited against the GSR

costs recovered by means of the direct bill or

charge described above. Such credited amounts

shall be excluded from and not subject to the

crediting mechanism for any other Rate Schedule

IT-1 revenues. Such component shall be adjusted

from time to time as required to permit Transport-

er to recover one hundred percent (100%) of its

GSR Costs.


(c) New Facilities Costs: Transporter shall be per-

mitted to recover the full cost of any new facili-

ties obtained to implement, or which are the re-

sult of implementing, restructured services pursu-

ant to Order No. 636 in all rate filings under

Section 4 of the Natural Gas Act made by Trans-

porter subsequent to construction/purchase of such



(d) Stranded Costs: Transporter shall be permitted to

recover all costs incurred in connection with

bundled sales service that is not subscribed or

assigned to unbundled service customers, which re-

covery shall be made in all rate filings under

Section 4 of the Natural Gas Act made by Trans-

porter in which Transporter has determined that

such stranded costs have been incurred.