Granite State Gas Transmission, Inc.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/19/2005, Docket: RP05-447-000, Status: Effective

Sixth Revised Sheet No. 202 Sixth Revised Sheet No. 202 : Effective

Superseding: Fifth Revised Sheet No. 202






1.9 The term "Day" or "Gas Day" shall mean a period of twenty-four consecutive hours, beginning and

ending at 9 a.m. Central Clock Time (CCT).


1.10 The term "Dth" shall mean dekatherm and shall be the quantity of heat energy equal to 1,000,000

British thermal units (MMBtu). Dth is the standard quantity for Nominations, Confirmations, Imbalance and

Scheduled Quantities in the United States. The standard quantity per gas day in Canada is gigajoule (GJ),

which is equal to 1,000,000,000 joules. The standard quantity per gas day in Mexico is gigacalorie (GC),

which is equal to 1,000,000,000 calories. For commercial purposes, the standard conversion factor between Dth

and GJ is 1.055056 GJs per Dth and between dekatherms and GCs is 0.251996 per Dth. The standard Btu is the

international Btu, or Btu(IT); the standard joule is the joule specified in the SI system of units.


1.11 The term "Delivery Point" shall mean a point at which Transporter agrees to deliver gas on behalf of



1.12 The term "Designated Site" shall mean an electronic address designated by Transporter or Shipper for

the receipt or delivery of GISB standardized data sets.


1.13(a) The term "Elapsed-Prorated Capacity" shall mean that portion of the capacity that would have

theoretically been available for use prior to the effective time of the intraday recall based upon a

cumulative uniform hourly use of the capacity.


1.13(b) The term "Elapsed-prorated-scheduled quantity" means that portion of the scheduled quantity that

would have theoretically flowed, up to the effective time of the intraday nomination being confirmed, which is

based upon a cumulative uniform hourly quantity for each nomination period affected.


1.13(c) The term "Electronic Notice Delivery" is used to describe the delivery of notices via Internet E-

mail and/or EDI/EDM.


1.13(d) The term "End Date" shall mean the gas day specified by Shipper on which a transaction is to end.


1.14 The term "Equivalent Quantity" unless otherwise stated in the transportation contract shall mean

that during any given period of time the quantities of gas delivered hereunder at the Delivery Point(s) shall

be the thermal equivalent of the quantities of gas received at the Receipt Point(s) for transportation less

any applicable quantities of gas for Transporter's system fuel and use requirements and gas lost and

unaccounted-for associated with transportation service.


1.15 The term "GISB Standards" shall mean standardized procedures for critical business practices which

were issued by the Gas Industry Standards Board ("GISB") and adopted by FERC.


1.16 The term "Total Heating Value," when applied to a cubic foot of gas, means the number of British

thermal units produced by the complete combustion with air, at