Granite State Gas Transmission, Inc.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/03/2020, Docket: RP99-286-002, Status: Accepted

Sub Second Revised Sheet No. 142 Sub Second Revised Sheet No. 142 : Effective

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 142



(Load Management Service)




2. Applicability and Character of Service


The terms, conditions and charges set forth in this

Rate Schedule governing daily variances and monthly balancing

shall apply to all gas flowing through meters covered by a

Delivery Point OBA. A Delivery Point OBA may include all

delivery points controlled by a single Delivery Point Operator.


Because Transporter has no on-system storage capacity and minimal

line-pack, the intent of this Service is, on a timely, non-

discriminatory basis, to pass through to the Delivery Point

Operator(s) the actual imbalance charges and cash outs billed to

Transporter by the upstream pipeline(s) connected with Transporter's



Transporter shall automatically adjust the rates associated with this

Rate Schedule to reflect any changes in the load balancing service

rates charged by any upstream pipeline connected with Transporter's