Guardian Pipeline, L.L.C.

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Effective Date: 12/01/2002, Docket: RP02-534-000, Status: Effective

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(b) Computation. The RTU shall, at a minimum,

perform flow calculations per AGA-3, AGA-7 and

AGA-9 requirements, as appropriate. As the flow

calculation methods are revised from time to

time, new releases shall be implemented within

twelve (12) months from the release date. At

Transporter's option, Transporter may use other

methods of computation which are generally

accepted in the industry.


(c) Calibration and Testing Equipment. All test and

calibration equipment shall be certified and

maintained pursuant to Transporter's current

published standard operating procedures as

revised from time to time.


5.9 Preservation of Records


Each party shall preserve for a period of at least two

(2) years, or such longer period as may be required by

the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, all test

data, charts, and other similar records.


5.10 Control of Flow


Transporter shall control flow of Natural Gas into and

out of its Pipeline Facilities at all measurement

facilities, but may allow the following, if all of

Transporter's operating standards and requirements,

including the requirements of Section 15, are met:

(a) third parties to control flow into Transporter's

Pipeline Facilities and (b) third parties to control

flow out of Transporter's Pipeline Facilities, but

Transporter reserves the right to override the third-

party's flow control equipment.