Guardian Pipeline, L.L.C.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/01/2008, Docket: RP08-227-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 43 Original Sheet No. 43 : Pending






3.6 Shipper will retain title to the Natural Gas at all times,

including the Natural Gas stored and transported on behalf of

Shipper by Transporter as accounted for in Shipper's LBS Account.

3.7 Each Day, Shipper's LBS Account balance must:

(a) be equal to or exceed its LBS Overtake Quantity; and

(b) be equal to or less than its LBS MSQ.

3.8 Upon expiration of the contract term as specified in Shipper's LBS

Service Agreement, Shipper's LBS Account balance must equal zero.

If, at the end of the contract term as specified in Shipper's LBS

Service Agreement, Shipper's LBS Account balance is greater than

zero, then:

(a) Any Natural Gas remaining in Shipper's LBS Account will be

sold by Third-Party pursuant to an auction process, and

Transporter will remit the net proceeds it receives, if any,

from Third-Party to Shipper. However, if Shipper was unable

to withdraw Natural Gas from its LBS Account due to Force

Majeure, Transporter will work with Third-Party and Shipper in

an attempt to provide a reasonable period for withdrawal of

any remaining Natural Gas in Shipper's LBS Account following

the end of the contract term. Notwithstanding these attempts

by Transporter set forth in Section 3.8(a) herein, Transporter

makes no representations or warranties regarding the ability

of Shipper to withdraw all of its Natural Gas from its LBS

Account or receive full compensation for such Natural Gas if

Shipper's LBS Account balance is not equal to zero upon

expiration of Shipper's LBS Service Agreement.

(b) Payment for the remaining quantities of Natural Gas that may

be sold by Third-Party and remitted to Shipper shall be

provided no later than twenty-five (25) days after

Transporter's receipt of any final funds from Third-Party.

3.9 Nothing herein shall eliminate, reduce or modify the right of

Transporter to invoke Section 18 of the GT&C.

3.10 Rate Schedule LBS does not apply to imbalances resulting from

Shipper's Authorized Overrun Quantities or Unauthorized Overrun