Great Lakes Gas Transport, L.L.C.

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/1997, Docket: RP97-157-008, Status: Effective

Sub. Original Sheet No. 208 Sub. Original Sheet No. 208 : Effective





EFT Service (Cont'd)





Regulatory Approval


Performance under this Agreement by Transporter and Shipper shall be

contingent upon Transporter and Shipper receiving all necessary regulatory or

other governmental approvals upon terms satisfactory to each. Should

Transporter and Shipper be denied such approvals to provide the service con-

templated herein or construct and operate any necessary facilities therefor

upon the terms and conditions requested in the application therefor, then

Transporter's and Shipper's obligations hereunder shall terminate.





Incorporation By Reference of Tariff Provisions


To the extent not inconsistent with the terms and conditions of this

agreement, the provisions of Rate Schedule EFT, or any effective superseding

rate schedule or otherwise applicable rate schedule, including any provisions

of the General Terms and Conditions incorporated therein, and any revisions

thereof that may be made effective hereafter are hereby made applicable to and

a part hereof by reference.





Cancellation of Prior Contracts


This Agreement supersedes and cancels, as of the effective date of

this Agreement, prior contract(s) between the parties hereto for the

transportation of the gas that is the subject of this Agreement.







1. No change, modification, or alteration of this Agreement shall be

or become effective until executed in writing by the parties hereto, and no

course of dealing between the parties shall be construed to alter the terms

hereof, except as expressly stated herein.