Great Lakes Gas Transport, L.L.C.

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/1997, Docket: RP97-322-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 143A Original Sheet No. 143A : Effective










(b) Schedule Imbalance Payback/Relief - A Shipper may elect to

schedule full or partial imbalance payback/relief.


(c) Cash-Outs of In-Kind Imbalances in Special Circumstances - To

preserve the operational integrity of its system, Transporter may

at its option (exercised on a non-discriminatory basis) cash out

the Cumulative Monthly Imbalance of a Shipper which has elected

to resolve imbalances in kind, subject to the following



(i) the aggregated Cumulative Monthly Imbalances of all Shippers

in a given activity month must exceed five percent (5%) of

Transporter's total deliveries in that month, excluding

deliveries that month to EFT Shippers;


(ii) only Shippers with a Cumulative Monthly Imbalance in the

same direction (positive or negative) as the aggregated

imbalance described in subparagraph (i) above, for that same

given activity month, in excess of five (5) times that

Shipper's MITL for that month shall be cashed out;


(iii) whenever Transporter exercises its option, the entire Cumu-

lative Monthly Imbalances of all Shippers described in sub-

paragraph (ii) above shall be cashed out simultaneously;


(iv) Transporter may exercise its option with respect to imba-

lances for a given activity month no less than twenty-five

(25) days following the end of that activity month, and no

more than thirty-one (31) days following the end of that

activity month;


(v) the cash-out shall be accomplished in the same manner, as if

the Shipper's entire imbalance had arisen during the given

activity month and was being cashed out pursuant to Section

13.10 hereof, except that the cash-out price shall be the

Index as defined in Section 13.10(a) hereof, without adjust-

ment by 110% or 90%; and


(vi) Transporter is not required to exercise its option if Trans-

porter believes, in its sole discretion, that exercise of

its option would not be prudent at that time.