Great Lakes Gas Transport, L.L.C.

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1993, Docket: RP97-157-006, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 103 Original Sheet No. 103 : Effective










The measurement and test of quality of gas delivered hereunder shall be

governed by the following:


3.1 Except as provided by law, all fundamental constants, observations,

records and procedures involved in determining and/or verifying the

quantity and other characteristics of gas delivered hereunder shall,

unless otherwise specified herein, be in accordance with the standards

prescribed in Gas Measurement Committee Report No. 3, American Gas

Association, including the appendix thereto, as published September

1969, and any subsequent amendments thereof.


3.2 The unit of volume for purposes of measurement (other than of heat

content) shall be one (1) cubic foot of gas at a temperature of sixty

(60) degrees Fahrenheit and at a pressure base of fourteen and

seventy-three hundredths (14.73) psia. All measurements of gas shall

be determined by calculation into terms of such unit. All quantities

given herein, unless otherwise expressly stated, are in terms of such



3.3 Gas Transport shall own, maintain and operate, all measurement

facilities or cause same to be owned, maintained and operated, at the

Point(s) of Delivery. Said facilities shall be so equipped with

orifice meters, recording gauges, or other types of meter or meters of

standard make and design, commonly acceptable in the industry, as to

accomplish the accurate measurement of gas delivered.


3.4 For the purpose of measurement and meter calibration, the atmospheric

pressure shall be assumed to be constant at fourteen and four-tenths

(14.4) pounds per square inch, irrespective of variations in natural

atmospheric pressure from time to time.


3.5 The water content shall be determined at such intervals as shall be

found necessary in practice by use of a Bureau of Mines dew point

tester and utilizing tables derived from Illinois Gas Institute

Research Bulletin No. 8 or by such other table or method as shall be

mutually agreed upon.