Gulf States Transmission Corporation

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Effective Date: 12/26/2005, Docket: RP06-138-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 80 First Revised Sheet No. 80 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 80




This System License Agreement is entered into this ______ day of ________________,

_____, by and between Gulf States Transmission Corporation ("Pipeline") and

________________________ ("Subscriber"). Pipeline and Subscriber shall be collectively

referred to as the "Parties." Pipeline may utilize contractors or consultants to offer,

service or maintain the interactive computer services provided for in this agreement and,

in such instance, all references to Pipeline in this agreement shall include any

contractors or consultants used by Pipeline.




Pipeline shall make available for use by Subscriber Pipeline's Customer Activities Web

Site ("the System"). Subscriber shall use the System to (1) nominate quantities for

receipt and delivery by Pipeline pursuant to an existing service agreement under any of

Pipeline's rate schedules; (2) effect changes in nominations of quantities for receipt

and delivery by Pipeline pursuant to an existing service agreement in accord with the

rate schedule pursuant to which service is rendered; (3) effect the release of firm

capacity rights pursuant to existing Firm Service Agreements; (4) confirm such

nominations or changes in nominations if Subscriber is designated as a point operator;

and (5) other transactions as may be required the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

("FERC"). Subscriber may also use the System to request and receive from Pipeline such

other information as Pipeline may from time to time make available to Subscriber through

the System.


Subscriber obtains no rights, title, or interest in or to the System as a result of this

agreement. Subscriber agrees to use the System solely for its own commercial purposes.

Subscriber shall not copy, modify, reuse, or resell the System for its own purposes or

for the benefit of any third party.




2.1 Subscriber recognizes that the System can be accessed only through Pipeline's web

site ( and will operate properly only if Subscriber

follows all instructions for use contained in Pipeline's web site.


2.2 Subscriber shall from time to time designate those individuals that are authorized

to act for Subscriber through the System. The designation of each such individual

shall be made by completing the Customer Activities User Access Request form

attached hereto ("Access Form"). On each Access Form, Subscriber shall select the

appropriate utilization level for the designated individual. Upon receipt and

approval of the Access Form, Pipeline will provide Subscriber with a User ID and a

unique password for each authorized individual user within Subscriber. Any

revision to such utilization level shall be made by submitting a revised Access

Form for each individual for which a change is desired, which changes shall become

effective upon approval by Pipeline. To prevent unauthorized access, Subscriber

shall be responsible for securing physical access to the System and to keep

confidential its User ID and all passwords provided by Pipeline.


2.3 Subscriber represents and warrants to Pipeline that the person(s) to whom

Subscriber has provided User IDs and passwords have been duly authorized by the

Subscriber to make and change nominations under the various service agreements

with Pipeline.


2.4 Liability -- Subscriber shall be solely responsible for any and all unauthorized

or otherwise improper use of User ID and passwords issued by Pipeline to

Subscriber that results from Subscriber's negligence, including, but not limited

to the use of such User ID and passwords by Subscriber's personnel who at some

point are no longer in Subscriber's employment or control. Upon evidence of

unauthorized or improper use of a User ID or password, Pipeline reserves the right

to immediately invalidate any such password or User ID.