Gulf States Transmission Corporation

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Effective Date: 11/01/2000, Docket: RP00-617-000, Status: Suspended

Original Sheet No. 58W Original Sheet No. 58W : Suspended







24.4 Refund Of Cashout Revenues In Excess Of Costs


(a) This Section of the General Terms and Conditions sets forth the

procedures under which Transporter will refund or carry

forward, for each annual billing period, any difference between

the revenues received by Transporter and the costs incurred by

Transporter under the cashout provisions of Transporter's firm

and interruptible transportation Rate Schedules. For purposes

of this Section 24, an annual billing period shall be the

twelve (12) month period commencing each December 1 and ending

the following November 30 with the first such annual billing

period commencing December 1, 2000 and ending November 30,



(b) Subsequent to the end of each annual billing period,

Transporter shall compare the revenues received and the costs

incurred during the applicable annual period. If the revenues

received exceed the costs incurred, then Transporter shall

refund, within sixty (60) days of the end of the annual billing

period, the net overrecoveries to firm and interruptible

transportation customers on a pro rata basis in accordance with

the transportation revenues (exclusive of penalty revenues)

Transporter received for the annual billing period. In no

event will a Shipper's refund exceed the revenue level utilized

to determine its pro rata share. If the revenues received are

less than the costs incurred, then Transporter shall carry

forward the net underrecoveries to subsequent annual billing

periods and may offset such net underrecoveries plus interest

accrued during such subsequent annual periods against any

future net overrecoveries that may occur in subsequent annual

billing periods.


24.5 Operational Data vs. Actuals


In determining the cashout tier applicable under Sections 24.3 above,

Transporter will utilize the operational data posted on its Interactive

Internet Website as of the end of the month or the actual flow volumes

(or, if actual flow volumes are not available at the time of billing,

the reasonable estimates), whichever results in a lower cashout tier.


24.6 Prior Period Adjustments


Any imbalances for a month that are booked after the transportation for

that month has been billed as a result of receiving actual or corrected

flow information will be cashed out at 100% of the AMIP in effect during

the month the imbalance occurred.