Gulf States Transmission Corporation

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Effective Date: 06/01/1997, Docket: RP97-174-001, Status: Effective

Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 46 Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 46 : Effective

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 46




6. INVOICES (continued)


(b) Supporting Data


Transporter and Shipper shall each deliver to the other for

examination such pertinent records and charts as shall be necessary to verify

the accuracy of any statement, chart or computation made by either of them

under or pursuant to any of the provisions hereof, of the applicable rate

schedule or of the service agreement.

Supporting data shall be consistent with information previously

provided, except for updates related to settlement activities.

Required invoice backup data should accompany or precede the invoice.

Regarding inadequate detail supporting documentation, supporting

documentation should be provided upon request, with timing of supporting

documentation to follow the timing of the flowing gas transactions.

Information provided with (sales and transportation) invoices should

be consistent with information previously provided by the billing party, as

updated for changes for settlement.

(c) Descriptors


Standard field name descriptors should be used on paper and electronic

documents. This consistency should cover all gas industry transactions.


(d) Billing units and Rates


Subject to regulatory and/or contractual consideration for

standardizing billing units on invoices, use dekatherms (gigajoules in Canada,

with a standard conversion calculation) only on invoices - to be consistent

with standards proposed for nominations.

Unless otherwise agreed, transportation invoices should state the net

billing rate, rather than the maximum discount tariff rate and the discount


Invoices should be based on actuals (if available) or best available

data. Quantities at points where OBAs exist should be invoiced based on

scheduled quantities.




(a) Payment of Invoices for Service


Except as otherwise hereinafter provided, Shipper shall pay to

Transporter at its designated office or depository on or before the 20th day

of each month Transporter's invoice for the charges for gas service rendered

during the preceding calendar month, or 10 days from the date the statement

for such charges is postmarked, whichever is later. Shipper must tender a

timely payment even if the statement presented by Transporter includes an

estimated receipt or delivery volume. The invoice number should be identified

on all payments.