Great Lakes Gas Transmission Limited Partner

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 63-009, Status: Effective

Substitute Original Sheet No. 71 Substitute Original Sheet No. 71 : Superseded

Superseding: ORIGINAL SHEET NO. 71


1. The term "Gas" shall mean pipeline quality natural gas that complies with the quality provisions

set forth in the General Terms And Conditions of Transporter's effective FERC Gas Tariff, Second

Revised Volume No. 1.


2. The term "Rate Schedule FT" shall mean Transporter's Rate Schedule FT of its FERC Gas Tariff,

Second Revised Volume No. 1, as filed with the Commission and as changed and adjusted from time

to time by Transporter in accordance with Article VI hereof or in compliance with any final

Commission order affecting such rate schedule.




1. This Agreement and respective obligations of the parties hereunder are subject to valid laws,

orders, rules and regulations of duly constituted authorities having jurisdiction.


2. The Maximum Daily Quantity ("MDQ") shall be the largest daily quantity of Gas that Shipper may

tender for Transportation in the aggregate at all points of receipt, exclusive of Transporter's

Use, and received at all point(s) of delivery as specified on Appendix "A" hereto on any day.


3. Subject to the terms and provisions of this Agreement, Shipper agrees to deliver or cause to be

delivered to Transporter Gas for Transportation, and Transporter agrees to receive, transport

and deliver Equivalent Quantities of Gas to Shipper or for Shipper's account, on a firm basis,

up to an aggregate MDQ of _______ Mcf's.


4. Transporter shall not be obligated to transport and deliver at any point of delivery on any Day

a quantity of Gas in excess of the quantity specified in the Agreement for each point of

delivery. Further, the sum of the transportation quantities nominated at all point(s) of

receipt and delivery shall not exceed the aggregate MDQ specified in this Agreement except for

the purposes of effecting a segmented capacity release transaction pursuant to Section 15.1.4

of the General Terms and Conditions of Transporter's effective FERC Gas Tariff, Second Revised

Volume No. 1.





1. Shipper agrees to Tender Gas for Transportation and Transporter agrees to accept such Gas at the

point(s) of receipt identified in Appendix "A."


2. Transporter agrees to transport and deliver Gas to Shipper or for Shipper's account at the

point(s) of delivery identified in Appendix "A."


3. Transporter and Shipper agree that Appendix "A", attached hereto and made a part hereof, may be

revised from time to time by mutual, written agreement between the parties in order to add or

delete point(s) of receipt or delivery, or to make other changes.