Great Lakes Gas Transmission Limited Partner

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/31/2008, Docket: RP09-113-000, Status: Effective

Eighth Revised Sheet No. 8A Eighth Revised Sheet No. 8A

Superseding: Seventh Revised Sheet No. 8A





1.17 "Market Center Point" - shall mean a logical or "paper" point at which Transporter is authorized

to receive and hold on behalf of Shipper or advance to Shipper a quantity of Gas nominated by

Shipper pursuant to the Park and Loan Service of Rate Schedule MC or at which Transporter may

provide Title Transfer Tracking Service under Rate Schedule MC. Transporter has established

Market Center Points to correspond to each physical receipt and delivery point on its system.

However, to nominate a Market Center Point, Shippers shall simply nominate at the corresponding

physical point.


1.18 "Market Center Service" - shall mean the providing by Transporter of Park and Loan Service

and/or Title Transfer Tracking Service under Transporter's Rate Schedule MC.


1.19"Master Service Agreement" shall mean a form of agreement that facilitates the contracting and

capacity release process. In lieu of executing individual Transportation Service Agreements,

Transporter and Shipper may execute a Master Service Agreement to cover multiple firm or limited

firm transportation transactions, or temporary capacity release transactions. In conjunction

with a Master Service Agreement, Shipper will also execute an Award Acknowledgment, either in

writing or electronically, in the event that Shipper obtains capacity on Transporter's system.

This Award Acknowledgment will serve to confirm those variable terms specific to the individual

transaction. An executed Master Service Agreement does not preclude either Transporter or

Shipper from requesting that an individual Transportation Service Agreement be executed for a

given firm or limited firm transportation transaction, or for a given temporary capacity release



1.20 "Maximum Daily Quantity" and "(MDQ)" - shall mean the largest daily quantity of gas exclusive of

the Transporter's Use that (a) Shipper may tender for Transportation Service and/or Park and

Loan Services in the aggregate to all point(s) of receipt, and (b) Transporter is required to

deliver to all point(s) of delivery.


1.21 "Maximum Hourly Quantity" and ("MHQ") shall mean the largest quantity of gas that Transporter is

obligated to deliver to the point(s) of Delivery, as set forth in the Rate Schedule EFT

Transportation Agreement, during any Hour of the Gas Day, and shall reflect an hourly rate of

gas flow that is no less than 1/16th and no greater than 1/4th of the MDQ under the Agreement.


1.22 "Maximum Quantity" or "MQ" - shall mean the largest total quantity of Gas that a Shipper may

have parked on or borrowed from Transporter's system.


1.23 "Mcf" shall mean one thousand (1,000) cubic feet of gas.


1.24 "Month" shall mean the period beginning at 9 a.m. (C.C.T.), on the first Day of a calendar

Month, and ending at the same hour on the first Day of the next succeeding calendar Month.


1.25 "Off-System Capacity" shall mean capacity acquired by Transporter on other natural gas systems

to provide service options to its shippers, including Seamless Transportation Service.


1.26 "Park" or "Parking Service" - shall mean the receipt at a Market Center Point by Transporter of

a quantity of Gas nominated by Shipper and the holding of such Gas by Transporter on behalf of

Shipper as provided for under Transporter's Rate Schedule MC.


1.27 "Reduction Option" shall be an option to terminate a Rate Schedule FT, EFT, or LFT Service

Agreement early and/or reduce the capacity held thereunder for some portion of the term,

including multiple periods within the term.


1.28 "Scheduled Daily Delivery" shall mean the quantity of gas, up to the MDQ, scheduled by

Transporter based upon Shippers nomination and the applicable allocation procedures, and

confirmed by Shipper to be delivered or tendered to Transporter for Transportation.


1.29 "Seamless Transportation Service" shall mean service provided to a Shipper(s) utilizing capacity

on Transporter's own system together with off-system capacity.