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Effective Date: 09/04/2008, Docket: CP07-44-005, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 330 Original Sheet No. 330







26.7 Allocation of Available Firm Capacity (continued)


(12) Interim Service. Capacity that is under contract for

a future period pursuant to 26.7(a)(11) or this

Section 26.7(a)(12) will be made available on an

interim basis up to the service commencement date of

such contract for a future period ("Interim

Capacity"). The availability of Interim Capacity,

including any limitations on the renewal rights for

such capacity, will be posted on Transporter's LINK®

System in accordance with Section 26.7(a)(5). Any

party desiring to submit a bid for such Interim

Capacity must submit its bid online via the LINK®

System in accordance with the provisions of Section

26.7(a)(6). Such Interim Capacity shall be available

for bidding for at least five (5) business days.

Transporter shall award the Interim Capacity and post

a notice of the winning bid(s) on the LINK® System, in

accordance with Sections 26.7(a)(7) through

26.7(a)(9). The right of first refusal will not be

applicable to any service agreement entered into

pursuant to this Section 26.7(a)(12).


(b) Pipeline will post available capacity before it provides

such information to any potential Shipper.


(c) Transporter reserves the right to reject any request for

service (i) at less than maximum rate, (ii) which may

detrimentally impact the operational integrity of

Transporter's system, (iii) which does not satisfy all the

terms of a specific posting and/or (iv) which contains terms

and conditions other than those contained in Transporter's

FERC Gas Tariff. If Transporter rejects any request for

available capacity, Transporter will notify Shipper via e-

mail of its reason(s) for such rejection.