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Effective Date: 09/04/2008, Docket: CP07-44-005, Status: Effective

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26.7 Allocation of Available Firm Capacity (continued)


Any minimum terms and conditions imposed in an open

season for capacity to be reserved must not materially

differ so as to be more restrictive than the terms and

conditions imposed in the expansion project open

season. In the event that a subsequent expansion

project open season imposes minimum terms and

conditions that are materially different from the

minimum terms and conditions imposed for the reserved

capacity open season, Transporter shall hold another

open season for the reserved capacity that uses the

same minimum terms and conditions as were imposed for

the expansion project open season.


Any capacity reserved under this Section 26.7(a)(11)

may be reserved for up to twelve (12) months prior to

the time Transporter files for certificate approval

for proposed construction of a related project and

thereafter until all expansion facilities are placed

into service. Any capacity reserved under this

Section 26.7(a)(11)shall be made available, pursuant

to the provisions of Section 26.7(a)(12)of these

General Terms and Conditions, for transportation

service on an interim basis up to, but not including,

the in-service date of the related expansion

project(s). For such interim service, Transporter

reserves the right to limit any Customer's renewal

rights that might otherwise apply to such service,

including Customer's right of first refusal, if

applicable. Any capacity reserved for a future

expansion project that does not go forward for any

reason shall be reposted as generally available within

thirty (30) days of the date the capacity becomes