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Effective Date: 01/01/2009, Docket: RP09-93-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 323 First Revised Sheet No. 323

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 323







(c) In certain situations, Transporter may use an accounting

meter number to represent a physical location on its

pipeline system. A Delivery Point identified on

Shipper's executed Agreement(s) may be designated in the

LINK® System by means of an accounting meter number and

description that differs from the physical meter number

and description specified on the Agreement. The same

rights and obligations exist for both Transporter and

Shipper regardless of whether a location is identified

in Shipper's executed Agreement by means of a physical

meter number or an accounting meter number.


26.4 Execution of Agreement and Amendments.


(a) An Agreement and/or an amendment to an existing

Agreement shall be executed, as specified in this

Section 26.4, by Shipper and Transporter following the

completion of the approval process.


(b) All interruptible Agreements, all interruptible

Agreement amendments, firm Agreements with a term of one

(1) year or less, and all amendments for firm Agreements

with a term of one (1) year or less shall be executed

electronically via the LINK® System by Shipper and

Transporter; any agreement that is executed in full

utilizing electronic transmission through the LINK®

System is a valid and enforceable contract that is

binding on all parties. All firm Agreements with a term

of more than one (1) year and all amendments to firm

Agreements with a term of more than one (1) year shall

be executed in writing. An Agreement shall be executed

and, if executed in writing returned to Transporter,

within fifteen (15) days of the tender of an Agreement

by Transporter. In the event Shipper fails to submit a

valid nomination for Transportation pursuant to an

interruptible Agreement within ninety (90) days after

the later of (i) the date service is to commence, (ii)

the date the Agreement is fully executed by Shipper and

Transporter, or (iii) the date that the facilities, if

any, to be constructed are ready for service, the

Agreement and the corresponding Transportation request

for service shall be considered null and void.