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Effective Date: 09/04/2008, Docket: CP07-44-005, Status: Effective

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25.1 Procedure. (continued)


In addition, the Replacement or Prearranged Shipper as an

existing Shipper may also release its capacity pursuant to

this Section 25. Nominations may be submitted upon the

award of capacity, and such nominations will be processed in

accordance with the nomination and scheduling requirements

of Sections 4 and 6 of these General Terms and Conditions;

provided, however, in no circumstances will Gas flow prior

to the effective date of the release as specified in the

Releasing Shipper's Notice.


(p) Capacity Release Umbrella Agreement. All nominations,

scheduling and billing will be done under the contract

number provided in the Addendum.


25.2 Obligations of the Parties.


(a) Contractual Obligations. All Replacement Shippers shall be

required to comply with the provisions of Rate Schedule FTS

and these General Terms and Conditions and to accept by a

release all Transportation rights and obligations of the

Releasing Shipper with respect to the capacity released,

including, but not limited to, nominations and

Transportation Paths. Furthermore, the Releasing Shipper

shall remain fully liable to Transporter for all

reservation rates, including reservation type surcharges

and direct bills that were due under the Releasing

Shipper's Agreement. In the event that the Replacement

Shipper invoiced amounts for reservation rates are in

arrears by 60 days or more, the Releasing Shipper shall be

responsible for paying all such amounts with the next

invoice rendered to the Releasing Shipper by Transporter.


(b) Billing. Pursuant to Sections 9 and 10, Replacement

Shipper shall be billed for all reservation type charges

contained within its bid and all usage charges according to

Section 3 of Rate Schedule FTS.