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Effective Date: 09/04/2008, Docket: CP07-44-005, Status: Effective

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24.6. LINK® System Subscriber; Agency


(a) If LINK® System Subscriber desires to designate one or more

persons or entities to act as an agent on behalf of LINK®

System Subscriber ("Agent"), then for each such Agent, the

LINK® System Subscriber (i) shall, or shall cause the Agent

to, submit to Transporter via the LINK® System the

Designation of Agency information specifying the rights

granted to the Agent and (ii) shall cause the other party to

the agency relationship to approve the Designation of Agency

information. The Designation of Agency information shall be

submitted and approved via the applicable on-line form, as

such form is updated from time to time in the LINK® System.

The submission pursuant to item (i) herein shall be deemed

to be the submitting party's approval of the information.

Transporter may require that LINK® System Subscriber provide

additional documentation to confirm that LINK® System

Subscriber desires Agent to act on its behalf.


(b) In order for LINK® System Users of an Agent designated

pursuant to Section 24.6(a) above to access the LINK® System

on behalf of LINK® System Subscriber, such Agent must meet

the requirements of a LINK® System Subscriber set forth in

Section 24.1(a) of these General Terms and Conditions.