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Effective Date: 09/04/2008, Docket: CP07-44-005, Status: Effective

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13.5 Notice: All Operational Flow Orders and Action Alerts will be

issued via posting on the LINK® System to be followed by facsimile

or telephone notification to the affected Shippers and point

operators and notification to the affected parties through the

affected party's choice of Electronic Delivery Mechanism(s). The

Operational Flow Order/Action Alert will set forth (1) the time

and date of issuance and effectiveness, (2) the actions a

Shipper/point operator is required to take, (3) the time by which

a Shipper/point operator must be in compliance with the

Operational Flow Order/Action Alert, (4) the anticipated duration

of the Operational Flow Order/Action Alert, and (5) any other

terms that Transporter may reasonably require to ensure the

effectiveness of the Operational Flow Order or Action Alert. Each

Shipper and point operator must designate one or more persons, but

not more than three persons, for Transporter to contact on

operating matters at any time, on a 24-Hour a Day, 365-Day a year

basis. Such contact persons must have adequate authority and

expertise to deal with such operating matters. If Transporter

cannot contact any Shipper/point operator because that

Shipper/point operator has failed to designate a contact person or

Shipper's/point operator's contact person is unavailable,

Transporter shall not be responsible for any consequences that

result from its subsequent actions taken to alleviate the system

problem. Transporter, however, will make reasonable continuing

efforts to notify the affected Shipper/point operator. In

addition to the other information contemplated by this Section

13.5, such notice shall also include information about the status

of operational variables that determine when an Operational Flow

Order or Action Alert will begin and end, and Transporter shall

post periodic updates of such information, promptly upon

occurrence of any material change in the information. Transporter

will post a notice on the LINK® System informing the Shipper/point

operator when any Operational Flow Order or Action Alert in effect

will be cancelled and specifying the factors that caused the

Operational Flow Order or Action Alert to be issued and then

lifted, to the extent such factors are known.