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Effective Date: 09/04/2008, Docket: CP07-44-005, Status: Effective

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8.7 Cashout Provision. At the time Transporter tenders an

invoice(s) to Cashout Party for Transportation Service during

the previous Month, Transporter shall invoice Cashout Party, or

credit Cashout Party's invoice, as appropriate, to resolve in

cash any net Monthly Imbalance remaining between actual

Receipts, adjusted for Transporter's Use, and actual Deliveries

after the period during which the relevant Transportation

Imbalance quantities have been subjected to the imbalance

resolution mechanisms set forth in this Section 8. Transporter

will send with each invoice an Imbalance Statement detailing the

unresolved imbalance amount and detailing the amount due in

accordance with the following calculations.


(a) Cashout Price. The Cashout Price shall be determined on a

daily and monthly basis. The Cashout High and Low Common

prices shall be determined by use of the highest and lowest

daily price for the Month and the first seven Days of the

subsequent Month as published in Platts Gas Daily "Daily

Price Survey". The average Midpoint price shall be

determined by the arithmetical average of Platts Gas Daily

"Daily Price Survey" "Midpoint" price for the Month and the

first seven days of the subsequent Month. The Cashout

Price for purposes of resolving imbalances shall be the

average of the "Daily Price Survey" prices for the relevant

Month for the following pipeline areas:


Pipeline Receipt Area "Daily Price Survey" Price

----------------------------- --------------------------

Perryville Hub to

Texas Eastern interconnect Columbia Gulf, mainline

Texas Eastern interconnect

to Transco interconnect Texas Eastern, ELA

Transco interconnect

to Tennessee interconnect Transco, zone 4

Tennessee interconnect

to Florida Gas interconnect Tennessee, La., Leg 500

Florida Gas interconnect

to system terminus Florida Gas, zone 3