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Effective Date: 09/04/2008, Docket: CP07-44-005, Status: Effective

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5. PRIORITY OF SERVICE (continued)


5.3 Receipt/Delivery Point Scheduling Priority: (continued)


(c) Priority Class Three. Among Rate Schedule FTS

nominations that:

(1) (A) exceed the Enhanced MDRO, MDRO or MDDO, as

applicable, at the point, and

(B) exceed the Agreement's Segment Path Right at

the point, or


(2) are Backhauls (a nomination on a Backhaul contract

that has a direction of flow that is opposite of

the contractual path is considered a backhaul for

the purpose of scheduling priority).


(d) Priority Class Four. Rate Schedule ITS, Rate Schedule



(e) Priority Class Five. Make-up Gas scheduled at

Transporter's discretion.


5.4 Overlapping Nominations


For the purposes of Sections 5.2 and 5.3 above, in the event that

a Releasing Shipper and/or its Replacement Shipper(s) submit

overlapping nominations which in sum exceed in any segment or at

any point the level of entitlement for which the Releasing

Shipper originally contracted, the relative priority of each

nomination shall be determined first according to the scheduling

procedures in Sections 5.2 and 5.3 of the General Terms and

Conditions, as applicable, and then by applying the overlap

priorities provided in the Releasing Shipper's offer to release

capacity pursuant to Section 25.1(h)(16) of the General Terms and