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Effective Date: 09/04/2008, Docket: CP07-44-005, Status: Effective

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4. NOMINATIONS (continued)


4.2 Implementation of Intra-day Nominations (continued)


(c) Subject to upstream and downstream operators' confirmations

and Transporter's operating conditions, an intra-day

nomination submitted pursuant to this Section 4.2 can be

used to request increases or decreases in total flow,

changes to Receipt Points, or changes to Delivery Points of

scheduled Gas.


(d) With respect to intraday nominations for reductions in

previously scheduled quantities, Transporter will accept,

subject to the limitations set forth in Section 4.1(a), any

explicitly confirmed quantity, down to and including zero,

for such intraday nomination; provided, however, if such

intraday nomination requires confirmation from an upstream

and/or downstream interconnected pipeline then any intraday

nomination to reduce previously scheduled quantities will

be subject to, and limited to, the reduced quantity

confirmed by such upstream and/or downstream interconnected



(e) Transporter shall allow Shipper to alter the order of

priority of receipts and deliveries upon which Transporter

shall rely in taking actions to adjust receipts and/or

deliveries under Section 4.1 above, provided that such

changes are submitted via the LINK® System or EDM in

accordance with the nomination deadlines set forth in

4.1(a), above.


(f) Notice. For purposes of providing notice of any nomination

changes (including where an interruptible Shipper's

nomination is bumped by a firm Shipper's intra-day

nomination) to a Shipper and/or Shipper's agent,

Transporter shall use Electronic Communication.