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Effective Date: 09/04/2008, Docket: CP07-44-005, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 221 Original Sheet No. 221





3. QUALITY OF GAS (continued)


(h) The flowing Gas shall not have a temperature of more than

one-hundred twenty degrees (120) Fahrenheit or less than

forty (40) degrees Fahrenheit.


(i) The Gas shall be free of water and hydrocarbons in liquid

form at the temperature and pressure at which the Gas is

received and delivered.


(j) The Gas shall not contain in excess of seven (7) pounds of

water vapor per million cubic feet;


(k) The Gas shall not contain, either in the Gas or in any

liquids with the Gas, any microbiological organism, active

bacteria or bacterial agent capable of contributing to or

causing corrosion and/or operational and/or other problems.

Microbiological organisms, bacteria or bacterial agents

include, but are not limited to, sulfate reducing bacteria

(SRB) and acid producing bacteria (APB). Tests for bacteria

or bacterial agents shall be conducted on samples taken from

the meter run or the appurtenant piping using American

Petroleum Institute (API) test method API-RP38 or any other

test method acceptable to Transporter and Shipper which is

currently available or may become available at any time.


3.2 The test equipment and methodology utilized by Transporter to

determine whether Gas meets the qualify specifications set forth

in Section 3.1 shall be posted on its LINK® System.


3.3 At Transporter's request, Shipper shall use all reasonable efforts

to obtain and provide to Transporter all records regarding Gas

quality kept by upstream pipelines transporting the Gas received

by Transporter for Shipper's account. Shipper shall use all

reasonable efforts to ensure and verify for Transporter that such

upstream pipelines are using appropriate equipment to monitor

compliance with the Gas quality specifications applicable on

Transporter's system as stated in this Section 3.