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Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/04/2008, Docket: CP07-44-005, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 220 Original Sheet No. 220







3.1 Except as expressly set forth herein to the contrary, the Gas

received or delivered by Transporter shall be a combustible Gas

consisting of methane and such other hydrocarbon constituents or a

mixture of two or more of them which, in any case, meets the

following qualify specifications:


(a) The Gas shall have a total heating value not less than one

thousand (1,000) BTU per cubic foot of Gas nor greater than

one thousand seventy-five (1,075) BTU per cubic foot of Gas;


(b) Transporter may not refuse to accept delivery of Gas with a

hydrocarbon dew point equal to or less than 15 degrees

Fahrenheit, provided that such gas satisfies all other

applicable provisions of Transporter's Tariff.


(1) To the extent operationally practicable through

aggregation or other reasonable means, Transporter may

accept gas with a higher hydrocarbon dew point than

that established in 3.1(B), but not exceeding (.04)

gallons per Mcf (GPM)of C6+.


(c) The Gas shall be commercially free, under continuous Gas

flow conditions, from objectionable odors, solid matter,

dust, gums, gum-forming constituents, water or any other

solid or liquid matter which might cause damage to or

interference with proper operations of the pipeline,

compressor stations, meters, regulators or other appliances

through which the Gas flows;


(d) The Gas shall not have uncombined oxygen content in excess

of two-tenths (0.2) of one percent (1%) by volume;


(e) The Gas shall not contain more than three (3.0%) by volume,

of a combined total of carbon dioxide and nitrogen;


(f) The Gas shall not contain more than one-quarter (0.25) grain

of hydrogen sulfide per one-hundred (100) cubic feet;


(g) The Gas shall not contain more than ten (10) grains of total

sulphur, excluding any mercaptan sulphur, per one-hundred

(100) cubic feet;