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Effective Date: 09/04/2008, Docket: CP07-44-005, Status: Effective

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Firm Transportation Service





4.1 Receipt Point Availability.


(a) Subject to the availability of capacity at any specific

point and to the Enhanced MDROs that apply to Agreements

under this Rate Schedule that were executed by Transporter

and Shipper on or before December 29, 2006, Shipper shall

have access to all Receipt Points on Transporter's system on

a Priority Class One basis to the extent such Points of

Receipt are within the Shipper's Transportation Path, and

shall have access to points outside the Transportation Path

on a secondary basis. Transporter, subject to all necessary

regulatory approvals and agreements with interconnecting

parties, intends to establish receipt point interconnects

with the following interstate pipelines at locations

proximate to Transporter's system: CenterPoint Energy Gas

Transmission Company's ("CEGT") Carthage to Perryville

system ("CEGT-Line CP"); CEGT's Line FM 63 ("CEGT FM 63");

Columbia Gulf Gas Transmission ("Columbia Gulf"); Florida

Gas Transmission Company ("FGT"); Gulfstream Natural Gas

System, L.L.C. ("Gulfstream"); Gulf South Pipeline Company,

L.P. ("Gulf South"); Southern Natural Gas Company ("Sonat");

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company ("Tennessee"); Texas Eastern

Transmission, LP ("Texas Eastern"); and Transcontinental Gas

Pipe Line Corporation ("Transco").


(b) The following shall apply only with respect to Agreements

under this Rate Schedule that were executed by Transporter

and Shipper on or before December 29, 2006:


The Enhanced MDRO at each of the following Receipt

Points shall be equal to the MDQ specified in the

applicable Agreement: (i) CEGT-Line CP; (ii) Gulf

South's (East Texas Expansion) pipeline; (iii) Columbia

Gulf's system near Perryville, Louisiana (subject to

completion of the interconnection between Transporter's

system and Columbia Gulf's system) and (iv) the proposed

Continental Connector pipeline sponsored by a subsidiary

of El Paso Corporation, if such pipeline is constructed

and connected with Transporter's system within five (5)

years after the date on which service is first initiated

on Transporter's system.