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Effective Date: 09/04/2008, Docket: <Filing Not found>, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 21 First Revised Sheet No. 21

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 21




Customer Name: Florida Power & Light Company


Service Agreement: 840001R1


Term of Negotiated Rate: Primary term of 12 years from Service Commencement

date; secondary term of additional 8 years if not terminated at the end of

the primary term.


Rate Schedule: FTS


MDQ: 400,000 Dth


Reservation Rate: Customer shall pay a negotiated reservation rate per month

of Customer's MDQ under the Service Agreement specified above during the

Negotiated Rate Term as follows: $0.2750 per Dth/d of MDQ; provided that if,

at the end of the fifth (5th) anniversary of the Service Commencement Date,

Shipper does does not have an aggregate quantity of 500,000 Dth/d of capacity

subscribed under Transporter's Rate Schedule FTS for a twelve (12)-year

period ending at the end of the primary term, then the Reservation Rate shall

be increased to $0.2800 per Dth/d of MDQ for the remainder of the primary



Usage Rate: The usage rate to be paid by Customer under the Service Agreement

specified above during the Negotiated Rate Term shall be a Usage Rate-1 of

$0.0050 per Dth/d delivered to the Primary Delivery Points. A Usage Rate-2

shall apply to service as specified from time to time in Section 3 of Rate

Schedule FTS. Customer shall also pay _all applicable surcharges and the

applicable Transporter's Use percentage as are in effect under Rate Schedule

FTS for service under the Service Agreement specified above.


Primary Receipt Point: CenterPoint Energy Gas Transmission Carthage to

Perryville Pipeline; Gulf South Pipeline (East Texas Expansion); Columbia



Primary Delivery Point: Gulfstream Delivery Point; FGT Delivery Point.


Recourse Rate(s): The Recourse Rate(s) are the maximum rate(s) stated on

SESH's currently effective Statement of Rates for Rate Schedule FTS.


Conflict: Transporter has filed with FERC the negotiated rate contract which

this Statement of Negotiated Rates For Transportation of Natural Gas

summarizes. If there is deemed a conflict between any portion of this

statement and the negotiated rate contract, the terms of the negotiated rate

contract control.



1/This negotiated rate shall apply only to service under the Service

Agreement specified above, up to Customer's specified MDQ, using the

receipt and delivery points designated herein.