Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2006, Docket: RP06-463-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 541 Original Sheet No. 541 : Effective



Applicable to Agreements Executed After April 1, 2002

Firm Transportation Service - Market Area (continued)






10.1 The quantities of gas delivered or caused to be delivered by Shipper to Transporter


hereunder shall be delivered into Transporter's pipeline system at a pressure sufficient to enter


Transporter's system, but in no event shall such gas be delivered at a pressure exceeding the


maximum authorized operating pressure or such other pressure as Transporter permits at


the Point(s) of Receipt.


10.2 Transporter shall have no obligation to provide compression and/or alter its system


operation to effectuate deliveries at the Point(s) of Delivery hereunder.


10.3 In the event the service to be rendered hereunder requires the construction of


facilities, the quantities of gas to be delivered by Transporter to Shipper hereunder or shall be


delivered to Shipper at ________________ at a minimum pressure of ____________ (____) psig.



Other Provisions


[The following provisions may be applicable in the event the service to be rendered hereunder


requires the construction of facilities.]


11.1 Prior to Transporter's execution of this Agreement, Shipper must demonstrate


creditworthiness satisfactory to Transporter. In the event Shipper fails to establish


creditworthiness within fifteen (15) days of Transporter's notice, Transporter shall not execute


this Agreement and this Agreement shall not become effective.


11.2 If service requires the construction of facilities, service pursuant to this


Agreement is expressly subject to the following conditions:


(a) (i) The issuance, and acceptance by Transporter, of all necessary


authorizations from the FERC pursuant to the Natural Gas Act