Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 07/12/2010, Docket: RP10-842-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 329A Original Sheet No. 329A





c. Calculating the Excess Volumetric Cash-Out Volume as the volumetric difference

between (a) and (b) above and calculating the Excess Volumetric Cash-Out Costs

or Revenues associated with such volume by applying the weighted average price

for such imbalance as calculated pursuant to (a) and (b) above. Such Excess

Volumetric Cash-Out Volumes and Costs or Revenues will be deducted from the

cash-out account balances and transferred to settlement of the Balancing Tools



2. Fuel Mechanism Account


The volumes and associated dollar amounts calculated pursuant to General Terms and

Conditions Section 27.E., which represent the monthly differences between retained

fuel and actual fuel (including lost and unaccounted for volumes), for each month

of the Settlement Period shall also be accounted for in the Annual Report as

defined in Section B.3 herein. The procedure shall be the same as the Cash-Out

Mechanism Account described in Section 24.A.1 above.


3. Balancing Tools Account


Amounts invoiced or paid, and associated volumes if any, related to Operational

Purchases and Sales (General Terms and Conditions Section (GTC Sec.) 17.C.5), Alert

Day Overages (GTC Sec. 13.D.4), Alert Day Underages (GTC Sec. 13.D.5), OBA's

subject to cash resolution (GTC Sec. 12.A.), Unauthorized Gas (GTC Sec. 12.D.),

Unscheduled Deliveries (GTC Sec. 13.1.C), Deferred Exchanges (GTC Sec. 17.C.6.),

non-compliance with OFO's (GTC Sec. 17.C.3), and charges or credits related to non-

compliance with any applicable delivery tolerance provisions of the above, as well

as the MSS and Pack/Draft provisions, will be recorded in a Balancing Tools

Account. Also, fifty percent (50%) of the revenues received by Transporter as

compensation for the transportation aspect of MSS Service shall be recorded in the

Balancing Tools Account. In addition, Excess Volumetric Cash-Out Volumes and Costs

or Revenues and Excess Volumetric Fuel Volumes and Costs or Revenues, as determined

in Sections 24.A.1.c. and 24.A.2, respectively, will be included in the settlement

of the Balancing Tool Account. Following the end of each Settlement Period,

Transporter will determine the volumetrically balanced net cash balance of the

Balancing Tool Account by:


a. Totaling the amounts paid by Transporter, and associated volumes, if any,

related to the cost items identified in 24.A.3 above plus any Excess

Volumetric Cash-Out Volumes and Costs from the Cash-Out Mechanism and any

Excess Volumetric Fuel Volumes and Costs from the Fuel Mechanism, and

calculating the weighted average unit price associated with such balancing

cost transactions; and