Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2006, Docket: RP06-463-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 284 Original Sheet No. 284 : Effective





3. Operational Flow Orders


(a) Transporter may issue an Operational Flow Order when,

subject to maximum hourly quantities permitted by service

agreements and/or Section 6, (i) an individual Shipper's

actual receipts or deliveries on an hourly basis deviate

from scheduled receipts or deliveries in a manner that

threatens scheduled services, or (ii) the pipeline is

experiencing a high or low line pack operating condition

which can be ameliorated with a Shipper action that will not

otherwise impact such Shipper's ability to receive scheduled

service for the gas day or (iii) a Transporting Pipeline

issues an OFO to Transporter (in which event, Transporter

may issue an OFO to those Shippers being served on such

Transporting Pipeline which are impacted by such

Transporting Pipeline's OFO). In addition, Shippers are

subject to OFOs issued directly to Shippers, or to

Transporter on behalf of Shippers, by a third party



This tool will be used by Transporter when Pack/Draft

Notices and other tools are reasonably perceived to be

inappropriate to resolve the operating situation. In the

event that the provisions of an OFO conflict with the

provisions of other operational orders issued by

Transporter, the provisions of the OFO, including penalties

for noncompliance, shall supersede the provisions of the

other orders. Operational Flow Orders shall identify the

situation to be addressed and shall indicate the specific

action(s) to be taken by the recipient of the Operational

Flow Order stated in terms of an hourly or daily gas flow

level and specify a discrete length of time the Operational

Flow Order will be in effect. Unless otherwise specified in

the Operational Flow Order, compliance with an hourly OFO

must be achieved within four (4) hours. Daily OFOs will be

issued no later than eight (8) hours prior to the end of a

gas day and compliance must be achieved by the end of the

gas day; provided however, when the hourly OFO is issued to

prevent another Shipper's delivery pressure from falling

below such Shipper's contractual delivery pressure,

compliance with an hourly OFO must be achieved within one

(1) hour. To the extent Transporter has denied a Shipper a

within gas day decrease, Transporter shall not issue a daily

underage OFO for either the subject gas day or the

succeeding gas day. Such Operational Flow Order may require

a Shipper, its designee(s) or other entity(ies) selected by

Shipper to undertake any of the following: