Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2006, Docket: RP06-463-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 270 Original Sheet No. 270 : Effective





Conditions are affected by the curtailment event. In

its Curtailment Order, Transporter shall specify for

each Delivery Point Operator the total volume each is

entitled to take at such point based upon suspended

volumes, clearly specifying (i) what volumes are for

Exempt Uses at such point and (ii) whether Transporter

will need to curtail capacity serving Exempt Uses. If

required by Transporter, each Delivery Point Operator

will then allocate such volumes to each Shipper for

which deliveries are being made at that point and

notify Transporter of such volumes.


(iv) In its Curtailment Order, Transporter shall give

Shippers as much notice as is operationally feasible

of the deadline for compliance with a Curtailment

Order; provided, however, Transporter will not specify

a time period for compliance which is less than two

(2) hours after issuance of the Curtailment Order.

Transporter's Curtailment Order shall include

information as to the anticipated extent and duration

of the situation.


(b) Order of Suspension of Service -- To the extent Transporter

is unable to make deliveries, or receive gas in accordance

with scheduled volumes, Transporter shall suspend service to

Shippers in the Affected Area in accordance with this

Section 17A3. Transporter shall first suspend service in

category (i) below, then category (ii) below and so on in

descending order, as listed below. To the extent

Transporter only suspends part of the service volumes in a

category it shall prioritize such volumes in the manner set

forth below.


(i) Park 'N Ride Service - Transporter shall first

interrupt service under Rate Schedule PNR when such

service is detrimental to the operating conditions of

the system or when such service adversely impacts

service provided under any of Transporter's other rate

schedules. Transporter shall interrupt such service

under Rate Schedule PNR based upon total revenue

commitment to Transporter. The lowest total revenue

received volumes in the Affected Area shall be

interrupted first, with volumes at the same total

revenue interrupted on a pro rata basis. Shippers

paying more than the maximum tariff rate will be

considered to be paying the maximum tariff rate.