Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2006, Docket: RP06-463-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 268 Original Sheet No. 268 : Effective





month period) and for purposes other than



(iii) in a School or Hospital; or


(iv) for a minimum plant protection when operations are

shut-down, for police protection, for fire protection,

in a sanitation facility, for emergency situations, or

for emergency conditions as described herein.


(n) "Priority 2 Use" means any use of natural gas which is

certified by the Secretary of Agriculture under 7 C.F.R.

Section 2900 et seq. as an "essential agricultural use"

under section 401(c) of the NGPA, excluding those volumes

where the use of an Alternate Fuel is economically

practicable and such fuel is reasonably available as

determined by the FERC under Section 401(b) of the NGPA;

provided, however, the aggregate capacity that can be

qualified as a Priority 2 Use shall not exceed 50,000

MMBtu/day and shall be used only by those essential

agricultural use customers being served directly or

indirectly by Transporter as of July 31, 1994.


(o) "Pro Rata Capacity Excess" or "PRCE" means the excess

capacity (stated in MMBtus) resulting from the difference

between the capacity allocated to an ES during a curtailment

event in accordance with the provisions of this Section 17.A

and the Determination of Deliveries provisions of Section 13

of these General Terms and Conditions and the capacity that

would have been allocated under a straight pro rata



(p) "School" means a facility, the primary function of which is

delivering instruction to regularly enrolled students in

attendance at such facility. Facilities used for both

educational and noneducational activities are not included

under this definition, unless the latter activities are

merely incidental to the delivery of instruction.


3. Procedure for the Suspension of Transportation Services --