Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2006, Docket: RP06-463-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 250 Original Sheet No. 250 : Effective






C. Unscheduled Deliveries


"Unscheduled Deliveries" shall mean any volume of gas delivered at non-pipeline interconnect

points for which there is no transportation volume scheduled for any shipper. Unscheduled

Delivery provisions shall not: 1) apply at any point for which there is a volume scheduled, and 2)

encompass imbalance volumes.


Transporter shall post on its Internet website the volume, service month delivered on

Transporter's system, and the point of delivery of any Unscheduled Deliveries (Notice).

Transporter shall continue to post the Notice until a valid response has been submitted or until

thirty (30) calendar days after the initial posting of the Notice, whichever is sooner. In order

to be a valid response for purposes hereof, a response must be provided to Transporter in writing.


If a valid response is submitted during the Notice period, then respondent shall have thirty (30)

days to schedule such volumes from the date Transporter determines the response is valid. Such

volumes not scheduled during the thirty (30) days shall be subject to the Transporter Billing

Provision of this section.


If a valid response is not received in the Notice period, then Transporter shall bill the party

receiving gas at the delivery point subject to the Transporter Billing Provision.


The Transporter Billing Provision. Transporter shall invoice the party owning the facilities into

which Unscheduled Deliveries are made at 120% of the Sales Posted Price as defined in Section

14.B.1(a), for the month in which the Unscheduled Delivery occurred, or the month of settlement,

whichever is more; provided, however, that Transporter shall invoice a maximum of 12,000 MMBtu at

a 120% of Sales Posted Price during a twelve (12) month calendar period at any single delivery

point. Volumes exceeding the maximum shall be billed by Transporter at 150% of the Sales Posted

Price as defined in Section 14.B.1(a). In addition, Transporter shall bill all Unscheduled

Deliveries under the Transporter Billing Provision a transportation charge including all

applicable surcharges equal to the Rate Schedule FTS-1 rate for service in Transporter's Western

Division based on mileage path with receipts at Transporter's mile post zero.