Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2006, Docket: RP06-463-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 241 Original Sheet No. 241 : Effective







A. All Market Area points of delivery shall be separately covered by

an Operating Account, as set forth in Section 13B below.

Quantities delivered by Transporter at a point of delivery each

gas day shall be allocated in accordance with the scheduled

quantity at such point (Scheduled Deliveries). For purposes of

this section "overage" shall be defined as actual deliveries in

excess of Scheduled Deliveries, and "underage" shall be defined as

actual deliveries below Scheduled Deliveries. In the event actual

quantities delivered by Transporter do not equal Scheduled

Deliveries, any overage or underage will be allocated as follows:


1. Delivery quantities under Rate Schedules FTS-1, FTS-2, SFTS,

and ITS-1, and other deliveries under Market Area

operational purchases or sales, Market Area deferred

exchanges, and the RDDQ under monthly swing shipper

arrangements shall equal the Scheduled Deliveries;


2. Any Pack or Draft Notice quantities pursuant to Section

17.C.7. shall be recorded first into the Operating Account;

provided further, that if the Pack or Draft Notice

quantities exceed the cumulative balance in the Operating

Account to which the Park/Draft Notice is applicable, such

excess shall be recorded to the No-Notice Account to the

extent of the NNQ.


3. Any overages or underages which result from non-compliance

with: a Pack or Draft Order under Section 17.C.7.; an

operating purchase or sale under Section 17.C.5.; a deferred

exchange under Section 17.C.6.; or MSS provisions under

Section 17.C.4., any of which shall be recorded next in a

non-compliance account.


4. Any overages or underages for Shippers with NNTS service

shall be deemed to be NNTS up to a level equal to the

absolute value of Shipper's NNQ, but in no event shall

volumes be determined as NNTS if such a determination would

permit Shipper to be billed for FTS-1 or SFTS commodity

volumes in excess of the applicable MDTQ.