Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/01/2010, Docket: RP10-21-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 206A Second Revised Sheet No. 206A

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 206A






required postings of additional standards applicable to the Western Division

shall meet the following:

i) Transporter shall attempt to provide as much notice as possible, but in any

event, such additional standards shall be posted at least 24 hours in

advance of their implementation;

ii) Such standards shall apply for only so long as necessary to bring the

blended gas stream entering into the Market Area (as measured at

Transporter's Compressor Station No. 12, just downstream of the Western

Division/Market Area demarcation point) into compliance with the standards

in Section 2.B, and such posting shall indicate the expected duration of

such limitation;

iii) Transporter shall post only those standards necessary to bring the blended

gas stream into compliance with Section 2.B; and,

iv) Such standards shall be applied on a not unduly discriminatory basis.


B. Gas delivered into Transporter's pipeline system at point(s) of receipt in

Transporter's Market Area and gas entering the Market Area from the Western Division

(as measured at Transporter's Compressor Station No. 12) shall, in addition to the

provisions contained in Section 2.A.1 through 2.A.8, conform to the following quality



1. shall have a methane composition of not less than eighty-five (85) mole percent;

2. shall have an ethane composition of not more than ten (10) mole percent;

3. shall have a propane composition of not more than two and three-quarters (2.75)

mole percent;

4. shall have a combined composition of not more than one and two tenths (1.2) mole

percent of isobutane and normal butane and pentanes and heavier hydrocarbons; and

a Hydrocarbon Dew point not to exceed 25 degrees Fahrenheit;

5. shall have a minimum temperature, and a physical means to maintain such minimum

temperature; such minimum temperature to be determined on a case-by-case basis,

considering the pipeline operating conditions at, and downstream of, the receipt

location, such as: (i) gas flow and the ability to blend gas streams, (ii) the

magnitude of the pressure drop at the point of the interconnection, and (iii) any

potentially adverse impact to, or unsafe condition on, Transporter's or customers'

facilities downstream of the interconnection, such as those occurring from the

receipt of excessively cold gas or liquid hydrocarbon fallout;

6. shall have a Btu content of not more than eleven hundred and ten (1110) Btu per

cubic foot;

7. shall have a Wobbe Index absolute limit from 1340 to 1396 (calculated using Higher

Heating Value (HHV), dry, under standard conditions at 14.73 psia at 60 degrees

Fahrenheit) based on the following mathematical definition and in accordance with

Section 4 of these GT&C;





HHV = Higher Heating Value (Btu/scf)

SGgas = Specific Gravity

Sqrt = Square Root of


and shall be subject to a limitation on the rate of change of two percent (2%) of

Wobbe per six-minute interval; and,


8. shall not contain more than one percent (1%) carbon dioxide by volume nor

any injected carbon dioxide as a dilutant; and


9. shall contain not more than two (2) grains of total sulphur per one

hundred (100) cubic feet of gas.