Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/01/2010, Docket: RP10-21-002, Status: Effective

Substitute Second Revised Sheet No. 206 Substitute Second Revised Sheet No. 206

Superseding: Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 206






"Transporting Pipeline" shall mean any third party pipeline system on which

Transporter holds firm transportation rights and which it has authorization to treat

as an extension of Transporter's system for the purpose of providing transportation

service. (The only pipeline that currently meets this definition is Southern Natural

Gas Company.)


"Western Division" shall mean the area west of Transporter's Mile Post 238.6 located at

the Alabama-Florida border and all facilities of Transporter not located in the State of

Florida. Western Division shall also include noncontiguous supply laterals.


"Working day" shall mean "Business Days" as such term is defined in the NAESB Standards

and shall include the days Monday through Friday, exclusive of Federal Banking Holidays,

unless notified otherwise. A listing of such holidays shall be posted on Transporter's

Internet website each December 15 for the following calendar year.


"Written" or "in writing" or any other combination of words indicating a requirement

that a document be in a physically written form shall include any service agreement,

amendment to a service agreement, or any other contract or document which has been

electronically executed pursuant to the procedures established by Transporter.


"Year" shall mean a period of a calendar year commencing on January 1st and ending

on December 31st.




A. Gas delivered by Shipper or for its account into Transporter's pipeline

system at receipt points shall conform to the following quality standards:

1. shall be free from objectionable odors, solid matter, dust, gums,

and gum forming constituents, or any other substance which might

interfere with the merchantability of the gas stream, or cause

interference with proper operation of the lines, meters,

regulators, or other appliances through which it may flow;

2. shall contain not more than seven (7) pounds of water vapor per one

thousand (1,000) MCF;

3. shall contain not more than one quarter (1/4) grain of hydrogen

sulphide per one hundred (100) cubic feet of gas;

4. shall contain not more than ten (10) grains of total sulphur per

one hundred (100) cubic feet of gas;

5. shall contain not more than a combined total three percent (3%) by

volume of carbon dioxide and/or nitrogen;

6. shall contain not more than one quarter percent (1/4%) by volume of


7. shall have a temperature of not more than one hundred twenty

(120) degrees Fahrenheit;

8. shall have a Btu content of not less than one thousand (1000) Btu

per cubic foot; and,

9. if necessary to ensure that the blended gas stream entering the

Market Area from the Western Division (as measured at Transporter's

Compressor Station No. 12, just downstream from the Western

Division/Market Area demarcation point) meets the quality standards

in Section 2.B below, Transporter may post quality standards for

receipt points or pipeline segments in the Western Division in

addition to those in Section 2.A.1 through 2.A.8. For purposes of

this section, the standards outlined in Section 2.B shall be

considered safe harbor levels, and any gas received into the Western

Division that meets those standards shall not be subject to

limitation or proration as a result of this provision. Any such